8 May

The Humble Pansy. Keeping Good Alive. For Sale.

by Jon Katz
The Humble Pansy: Keeping Good Alive. For Sale

This photo is for sale for $130. You can buy it either by e-mailing Maria at [email protected] or from her new etsy page later today. It will be sold unframed, on the best quality rag paper, 8 1/2 x 12 1/2. I think it would be a lovely thing to hang on a wall.

You can also see it on my photos-for-sale page gallery.

The photo is a tribute to the Humble Pansy, which bridges the gap between winter and true summer, and brings us color and light.

I offer it in honor of the idea of keeping good alive, a challenge that now faces us every day.

12 May

The Purpose Of The Pansy. From There To Here.

by Jon Katz
To Get Us From There To Here

The purpose of the humble pansy is to get us from there to here. To be a bridge between winter and late Spring, when the garden flowers show up to strut their stuff. I am a prisoner of color and light and a warrior for color and light. The pansies are precious to me in the way they capture the morning sun.

At sunrise this morning, I got up say hello and was rewarded with the kiss of the pansy, a celebration of color and light.

21 April

April Garden Riot In Bedlam: The Pansy Roars

by Jon Katz
All About Light
All About Light

So here’s the thing. I am all about light, can’t get enough of it, can’t get close enough, can’t beĀ  bright enough. Flowers in April are radiant to me, they signify the creative spark, they show us that the world has darkness in it, but it also has great beauty and light, and if we look for it and see it, it will change the inside of our souls. At least, that is what happened to me. I welcome the humble pansy to our farm, the harbinger of more color and more light to come. I will be there crawling around. Album on Facebook in a bit. Pizzy is almost done.

14 April

Rose, Mother and the Daily Pansy

by Jon Katz
Meeting of the minds
Meeting of the minds

Mother loves to tease Rose, who studiously ignores her. Mother can get Lenore to play with her, but Rose just looks right through her.

Busy time. We are planning a wedding. Lots of decisions. Family stuff. Caterer. Invitations. I am working on a book proposal. Book proposals are key in publishing. They used to be quick and casual, now are intense and focused, as they should be. I am struck all the time by how much change there is in our world, and how many new things I have to learn. Sometimes I weary of it, but mostly, I am pleased to have the opportunity to learn and to change with change.

I want to grow and grow. I do not want to ever feel that I am set, done, know all I want to know. I am continuously humbled by my own shortcomings.

Bedlam Farm