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Dog Support is a counseling and consultation service for people with dogs with have problems, concerns, or questions about them and how to live safely and lovingly with them.

Having a dog is no longer simple; it can be emotional, expensive, confusing, painful, and even spiritual. Sometimes we dog lovers need help. That’s what I’m offering.

I’ve been writing about dogs for more than 30 years. The new work of dogs is the emotional lives of human beings. I’m an author, blogger, and photographer, I live on a farm with my wife Maria Wulf, a fiber artist, three dogs – a border collie, Yellow Lab, and Boston Terrier – two donkeys, a dozen sheep, three chickens, and two barn cats.

Dogs no longer live on the periphery of our lives, they have moved to the center of our family life, raising new challenges and concerns. Dogs sleep in bed, have human names, rack up staggering health cost bills, touch our deepest feelings, and struggle to learn what we want them to learn.

I’ve written a series of New York Times best-selling books about dogs, hosted three different call-in radio shows on dogs, and lived with them for more than forty years.

I’ve written about dogs extensively on my blog,, since 2007.

Dog Support will offer counseling on a wide variety of topics: how to get a new dog, how to live with one, how to deal with a chronic sickness, financial issues, behavioral problems, grieving, and the many emotional issues that go with getting a dog.

I want to be helpful. and supportive.
I don’t tell people what to do; I help them do what they want to do.
I don’t make decisions for other people; I do help them find solutions.

I am not a professional dog trainer or a vet. I preach common sense and practical positive reinforcement when dealing with dog problems.

In so many cases, the problem is the human, not the dogs. .

Dog Support is simple. Here’s how this works:

Fill out the form below to request a session.

If I feel I can help, I’ll respond and set up a session on Zoom, Facetime, or by telephone, your choice. The response has been strong and exciting.

The charge is $65 per half hour, to be paid in advance by Paypal or check. Follow-up e-mails or phone calls are part of the fee; there is no extra charge.

Once we agree on a meeting, I’ll offer payment details and session times.

Once we agree on a time and method of communicating, I’ll send you a Zoom link or phone number, and we will set a final time to talk.

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