19 November

Farmscapes: Boundaries and Walls

by Jon Katz

Three Barns: Cemetery Road, Salem

  Am learning about boundaries and walls. Avoiding messes. Setting limits on myself. Thinking before acting. Learning what I want.
  Had a very productive day. Did an interview with Corinna Aldrich and Joe Donahue on  WAMC/Northeast Public Radio about the ASA calendars and our photography.
  Worked all morning on my first short story, “Gracie’s Last Walk.” Talked on a phone conference with two producers from LA interested in making a TV series out of one of my books. We talked about men and change.
  Talked with Christine Nemec of Redux Gallery in Dorset, Vt. about framing the photos for the January 9 show, “Portraits of My Life.”  She was incredibly helpful. I never used to worry about what things cost, and spent way too much money.
  We are going to use standard frames for eight of the photos, lowering the cost by nearly $1,000. I am more comfortable with where we are now. We dropped two large photos from the show. Hoping to sell some of the photos more cheaply, as in $200. Not really cheap, but cheaper. Art is different from publishing. Still figuring it out.
  Maria and I went to check out the new Battenkill Book Shop in Cambridge, N.Y. I’ll post a photo or two later. Then stopped at Gardenworks for cheese. Now working on the short story again. Tonight, will read Colin McCann, and maybe a Ruth Rendell mystery. Got Dorothy Sayers for Maria.

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