15 June 2017

Maya Holds Her Ground

Maya Holds Her Ground

Maya the RISSE goalie is impressive. I gulped when I saw a score of onrushing soccer players heading right at her goal, determined to get the ball past her. She never flinched or wavered and deflected one ball after another. I would not want to be standing there.

As I mentioned below, I am starting a Refugee Children's Scholarship Fund to help Maya and the other refugee children pursue their interests and passions, perhaps set them on a track that will focus and alter their lives. These children come from all over the world, many grew up in refugee camps and witnessed unspeakable brutality and violence.

Our govern has effective stopped the flow of desperate refugees to America, cut the total number of all kinds of immigrants and refugees by half. This has stranded and condemned may of these children's relatives, even some of their mothers and fathers.

I believe they have suffered enough, and I would like to try and give them some of the tools they need to advance in the alien and intensely competitive and Darwinian system of education and work. I don't know what Maya's passion is but I'd like to find out and support her. I know some of the children want art lessons, others are eager to learn music, advanced English or information technology.

With a small amount of money we can connect them with the schools and institutions and museums and tutors who can help them. I am setting up a separate bank account called the Children's Refugee Fund to deposit this money and separate it and account for it.

This is an important task for the Army Of Good, and a timely one. If you wish to contribute – $5 an $10 is quite fine – you can sent the donation to the Children's Refugee Fund, P.O. Box 205, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816 or through Paypal, Friends And Family, to jon@bedlamfarm.com

Many thanks.

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