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There is a new policy for keeping civil and safe in tense times. I want to post a clear new policy about dealing with cruel and hostile messages, which are increasingly disrupting and distracting for people who seek a gentler and kinder world.
Like me.

In recent years, sparked perhaps by political divisions, the number of hostile posts has increased, and social media has nearly destroyed any notion of good manners or privacy. I believe in civil exchanges, this digital violence is tearing the country apart.

I won’t permit it on my site.

No messages that I deem arrogant, cruel, pompous, false, or hostile will be posted on the blog or responded to.

Don’t waste your time or mine. These comments will be deleted, not published, and I will not respond to them. I won’t publish “corrections” or insults of any kind, and those who try to post those kinds of messages will be deleted and blocked permanently. I have written that I have Dyslexia, and that will make some typos and mistakes inevitable.

I reject the oft spoken notion that people are entitled to insult me and my readers because I am open about sharing my life. Please, piss off if you have something nasty to say. Our grandmothers cautioned us to shut up if we have nothing good to say. That’s the new rule here.

Disagreements are welcome; as you know, I love to argue. But I insist that the messages be on point and relevant to my posts and respectful. My regular blog readers are almost never hostile, they are welcome as usual.



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