11 July 2017

Still Life: My Muse In The Afternoon Sun

My Muse

My muse sits on the corner of my desk, a few inches from my computer, right in the front window, the afternoon sun comes to touch her and inspire me. She has been there for some years now, just a beautiful head and a calming, spiritual face. She comforts me and keeps me steady, she keeps me company.

I talk to her every now and then, I worry about my writing, about the future of books. I doubt my work sometimes. It is good? Does it matter?

You have only to answer to yourself, she says. You have only to fear fear. You have only to follow your heart and your bliss. You have only to answer to yourself. Hypocrisy is the greatest evil, be true to yourself.

Carry your heart though this world, she says, like a life-giving sun.

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