15 July 2017

Done: The Little Free Library Is Finished. A Movement We Can Join

The Little Free Library

We finished painting our Little Free Library this afternoon (thanks, Jay Bridge, for building it) and next week, Jay will come with a big pole and plant it along the road in front of the house. We hope people will come to take the books we place there and return some, we hope our library will help reading as well as community, we hope it brings books to adults, children and their families.

The color choices – a Royal blue and a medium yellow – worked well today and will be visible from the road, if people aren't staring at the Tin Man.

I did the roof and most of the blue, Maria did the trim and helped with the blue. Harder work than I thought, we were interrupted several times by rain showers that were not predicted. It was like a baseball diamond in a storm, we kept hauling out the tarp. She has one more coat to put on the door, and we are set, there are  two coats of everything else already on.

It will be in use soon. I already put one book in there, it is "Pets And Human Development," by Boris Levinson,  the classic study of the use of animals to help distressed people, a book that foresaw the techno- dehumanizing of people that  would come, and which sparked the therapy dog revolution.

Seems a fitting first book for my Little Library and Maria will put in her own choices too.

We have lots of books to put in the box. We are happy to join this booming movement, there are 40,000 little free libraries  scattered across the country, we are proud to join this grass-roots movement to support reading and community. Take a book, return a book. Keep it simple.

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