16 July 2017

The Refugee Kids: On The Boomerang At The Great Escape: “We Stand Or Die Together!


The refugee kids had the time of their lives at the Great Escape Amusement And Water Park in Lake George, Saturday. They were given a surprise when they arrived, Great Escape photographers took a photo of the group and gave each person a copy to taker home.

Ali said they spend four hours at the water park on the rides there, "they loved the water so much!" He said the food was plentiful and amazing, and they hesitated for awhile to go on the park's up-and-down and famous "Boomerang Ride."

"Some were afraid to go, but then we did our change, "we live together, we ride together, we play together, we die together!" And they dragged Ali along and they all went on the Boomerang, and more than once. Sounds lie an important moment for all of them.

Ali (their teacher and mentor) said they were at the park for 10 hours, they went on every single ride at least once and he said most of the kids told him it was of the great days of their lives. Thanks so much to Kimberly (who I have been trying unsuccessfully to call) for supporting this trip, it meant a great deal to these children, refugees and immigrants from all over the world.

They have been through a lot, they deserved a day like this, and hearing about it made me happy almost beyond words. Such generosity yielded so much joy. They have seen enough of suffering, they spent a drinking wallowing in joy and connection. Ali said every single thing about the day was perfect.

Thanks to the Army of Good, and especially to one good-hearted woman in Minnesota.

This weekend, I have a new idea for these kids: A trip to New York City to see the Statue Of Liberty, which has meant so much to refugees and immigrants all over the world, and which must be weeping now, and something of New York City. None of them have ever seen the city, I ought to be able to arrange a trip to the statue and a tour of New York. To me, the Statue of Liberty is one of our most important monuments, how valuable for these new citizens to see it. It has marked a new and safer and better life for so many people.

I hope to talk about it with RISSE this week.

I want them to see that the torch is still burning.

Ali says it's a wonderful idea and I want to start researching it and get a realistic idea of what it might cost.

The Great Escape was a great experience, and I believe it will show these children part of the real America, a welcoming and generous nation. And a place of fun and adventure. The Great Escape is a rich part of the American experience, especially for kids. Ali says they will all be talking about it for some time.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. it is so much better to do good that to argue about what good is.

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