13 September 2017

The Tantra Song Quilt

The Tantra Song Quilt

To me, this is one of the most touching quilts Maria has made in awhile, she calls it the Tantra Song, it was inspired by  Buddhist tantric symbols and a very old loom stone, a weight, that she found at the old Bedlam Farm. It is different, original, it is now on sale for $425.

This is perhaps one of Maria's most spiritual quilts, full of symbolism and history. The old loom stone hangs in here studio, she wrote about it on her blog. When she first posted an image of this quilt on her blog, there was complete silence, which is very unusual when she posts a quilt.

She didn't quite know how to read this, although several people have since told her they think it was one of the most beautiful quilts they have ever seen. I don't really know  how to judge this, I stay clear of thinking I know much about quilts. This one did touch me in a particular way, as tantric symbols are supposed to do.

It is true that this is the first time a quilt of hers has ever gone unsold for more than a day or so, although that is certainly not uncommon in the art world. Somethings take awhile for people to grasp or like. This didn't grab at me at first, it was so different. In the last few days it has started speaking to me, it has mojo. I wanted to take a photo of it.

Maria and I share one thing in common, we create for ourselves not really for others. If others like what we do, that is wonderful. If they don't, that is the nature both of life and creativity.  If you can't handle this, the creative life is not for  you.

This quilt has gotten interesting.

The wonderful thing about art and creativity is that you just never know, every day is a crapshoot, all the artist (or writer or photographer) can do is put their work out there, and see what happens. You can follow the life of this quilt here. And you can e-mail Maria at maria@fullmoonfiberart.com.

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