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I am happy to be introducing a new voluntary payment system for my blog – $5 a month, $10 a month, or $75. I offer the different payments to accommodate the different circumstances of my readers, everyone gets the same thing – my blog.

These payments are voluntary, the blog will be free to anyone who can’t afford to pay for it or doesn’t wish to. To subscribe to the blog, you can go to the top of this page or the Farm Journal Page and simply insert and submit your e-mail. The blog will be delivered to you.

To sign up for payments, go to the option box at the bottom of this page.

I am no longer referring to these contributions to my work as subscriptions because they are not. They are simply payments for my writing and photography and for the maintenance of the blog itself. It’s the same as paying for a book, really, or a newspaper or magazine used to be.

Writing and creativity have moved online, so have I. I wish to be relevant and I need, as everyone does, to be paid for my work. The blog, the pictures, the time writing, it’s all expensive, but I do need to be paid for it. The payments matter.

This is the future of writing, and I wish to remain relevant as publishing changes. I started my blog in 2007 to support my books, and now, it seems, my blog is my book, my living memoir. My readers are online, along with almost everyone else.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit bedlamfarm.com it each year, there are about four million hits.

payment optionsThe voluntary payment system is simple. You open and and manage your account below. Only you have access to it, only you can sign up for payments or cancel them. This is for your protection and my sanity. I have no wish to be managing your money. Payment programs are easy – you can pay via Paypal or major credit cards – and can be canceled at any time. As a courtesy, you will be notified by e-mail five days before your subscriptions expires, another opportunity for you to cancel if you are tired of me or your interests or circumstances change.

(NOTE: I cannot authorize, renew or cancel payments, only you or your credit card company or Paypal can do that. This is for your protection and the safety of your financial information.)

There are several different payment programs. No financial information of any kind is stored on my blog or server, two different security companies monitor the traffic in and out of the site.

There are two inexpensive monthly options – $5 a month or $10 a month. You can also subscribe on an annual basis for $75 if that is simpler for you or more comfortable.

I want to be clear that those of you who are under financial pressure and can’t afford to subscribe to the blog will always be able to receive it for free. You have always stood by me, and I will always stand by you.

Payments will help me sustain, maintain and continue the blog, they also help to keep it free for those who need that option.

The world of the author has changed almost beyond my imagination, but it is my imagination I depend on to evolve and change. That is what creativity is all about. Thanks for moving into the future with me.

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One Time Payment Options

We also offer a one-time donation option in any amount for those people who can't afford regular payments in any amount or don't wish to contribute in that way. If you read the blog posts and enjoy the photographs, your donations would be helpful, it is expensive to be a photographer and publish a blog. Small one-time donations matter.

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