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“Your real duty is to go away from the community to find your bliss.” – Joseph Campbell


The subscription program for is a landmark step for me, for the blog, for the evolution of publishing and writing to the Internet. When I began the blog in 2007, subscriptions for blogs would have been unthinkable. Since them, the blog has grown as the center of my writing and publishing life, my audience has grown, and the traditional world of publishing is barely recognizable.

As revenues from traditional publishing has declined, writers like me are moving their work online where our readers have gone. This is now where I will earn most of my living as a writer. Subscriptions for the blog reflect these remarkable changes, this new reality. The blog no longer simply supports the book, it is becoming the book, my living memoir. My photography, which is offered free, is also a central element of the blog. I came slowly to the realization this year that it is time to be paid for this work, and also necessary to be paid for it. My readers have agreed. "What took you so long?" is the most frequent response.

So there are now several ways to subscribe, as you can see below. For $3 a month, $5 a month, $60 a year.

Subscriptions can now be purchased using Paypal or your credit cards. I have added a "manage subscription" button so you can upgrade or cancel your subscription settings easily. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

payment optionsI want to make it clear to those of you who are under financial pressure and can't afford to subscribe that the blog will remain free and fully accessible to you on a permanent basis. I am well aware many of you have been following me from the beginning, and I will never forget you or leave you behind. If you can't subscribe, just continue to receive and hopefully enjoy the blog as usual.

I think most of us understand that writers and artists can't continue to work for free and exist, the subscription program is a good and fair solution.

As a courtesy, subscribers will be notified by e-mail five days in advance when their subscription is about to expire, they can simply click on a link to opt out or to renew.

Also, a reminder that I cannot authorize, cancel or renew subscriptions. For your security and protection, only you can do that. I do not keep track of who is subscribing or who is not, I understand that circumstances in life change and I appreciate your support, however long you can offer it.

I also want to thank the creative, design and technical team at Mannix Marketing in Glens Falls, N.Y., for working so hard on the subscription program, making it look so good and be so easy. And for their great work on this blog, cited again and again as a model for the new book. Mannix has been a partner in my blog from the beginning, and I would not be even close to this significant step without them.

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