19 July

Open House Vintage Hanky Scarves: $45. Open House Notes.

by Jon Katz
For The Open House
For The Open House

The Bedlam Farm Open Houses are fun, a mix of things – a bit literary, some readings, poetry, a bit dog, sheepherding, Love Dog, a bit farm, donkeys and chickens, and some art from the fertile workings of the Schoolhouse Studio. Mostly, we will have fun for four hours. There is no charge for coming, we are not seeking donations (we will have a jar for the Hubbard Hall Scholarship Fund somewhere), help some kids who need help take some art and dance and other creative classes) or accepting any. There will be art for sale, details on Maria’s website. Potholders, pillows, pincushions, collages, one photo from me, some notecards, a quilt.

We plan on four sheepherding demos if we can get them all in (don’t want to wear out Red or the sheep), continuous group visits to Simon, Lulu and Fanny, a reading or two. We can’t offer toilet facilities or food, but plenty of both nearby. We have Jack Macmillan on hand to help with parking and keep things moving and help out. Please don’t chase or touch the chickens or let your kids chase or touch the chickens. Please don’t throw balls or sticks for Lenore, she’ll have plenty of excitement and will need her energy. Please don’t bring your dogs or other pets. You can bring carrots or apples for the donkeys. Please don’t enter the pasture without being accompanied by me or Jack. We can’t open up the farmhouse, Maria will be holding forth in her studio barn, her colleague Kim Macmillian will be assembling some vintage hanky scarves in the studio during the afternoon.

The six above are on sale for $45 plus shipping during the Open House. If any are left, Maria will put them up for sale online next week. I have one $150 signed photo on sale, Queen Flo and the hens, that’s all. No copies or multiple orders, I’m just going to do one every now and then, one only. It will be on display in the Schoolhouse Studio Barn.

If anybody wants books for me to sign, bring them from home or stop at Battenkill Books on Main Street in Cambridge and pick some up and bring them to the OpenĀ  House, I’ll be happy to sign them. Frieda will be inside during most of the afternoon (nobody will get inside) and I will bring her out for some walks. Please don’t pet her. She doesn’t bite but doesn’t care to be touched. Please come, take as many photos as you wish, other details here.

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