7 October

Video: Come And See: The Art Of The Open House

by Jon Katz


As always, we are thinking about our many readers, friends and followers who can’t get to our farm. Most of our blog readers don’t live nearby, and many have asked to see the art being sold and perhaps have a chance to buy some.

It’s a fair request, and Maria is happy to sell her art and the work of the gifted artists who bring their work here every year.

As you can see from the video, there is some amazing work here in this outpost of rural America, creativity grows and thrives everywhere. So here’s a tour of the Schoolhouse Studio done this morning.

Beautiful shawls, paintings, mugs and bowls, batik, scarves, notecards and drawings, potholders and pillows. (Maria has four of her Vulva potholders left, she is nothing if not determined.)

It’s raining and misty here, don’t know how the weather will evolve, so if you see anything you like, it probably will be here for a while. Check it out and thanks for your interest.

If there is any art you would like to see, you can e-mail Maria: [email protected]




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