16 October

Today: Sheep, Class, Stage Sets, Refugees

by Jon Katz

I love each morning, life goes on and the world is full of possibilities. We are always moving forward here, never back. It is just the way we are.

Maria and I have had numerous talks about getting two more wool sheep, I was uneasy about it but she has persuaded me it’s a good thing for us to do. She is excited about the sheep being an important part of our lives, and her art, and her future selling yarn and roving, which she very much wants to do.

She has a lot of interesting ideas about her wool and yarn program.  She got me excited. The sheep belong here, and we lost one this year, and will probably lose a few more in the next few years. Liz is bringing two young wethers.

As Maria wrote, I sometimes worry about how she will handle this farm after I’m gone. I don’t expect to die in the immediate future, but the odds are it will be sometime within the next 10 years. I don’t want to wear her down with animals and responsibilities, I will not be able to leave her much money.

I know she can take care of herself, but I can’t help it. I do think about it.

I think Red’s death left me feeling unsure about having more sheep, but Maria is right, they are an important farm of the farm, and the farm is an important part of our lives. So two more sheep coming Sunday, when Liz comes to shear the sheep we have.

I’ve also decided to get a pink collar for Zinnia. I will meet her on Tuesday and she’ll come home on November 12.

Today, I’m going to teach my Writing Workshop at Bishop Maginn High School. I have a feeling this class will go on a lot longer than eight weeks. We will get a book out of it, a great group of students, 50 percent refugees.

I very much love teaching this class, there are some wonderful people in it.

I will be bringing a check for $1,000 for the new Bishop Maginn Drama Class, which is producing a play for the first time in 20 years. They need money for a stage set for their Christmas Play, Happy Hollandaise. I’m going to meet them all next Tuesday at one of their rehearsals.

Thanks for your support.

I hope to get some portraits today.

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