6 April

Signs Of Barn Cat Spring

by Jon Katz

A sure sign of Spring is when Maria brings her Fiber Chair out of the barn and puts it on the back porch.

This is Minnie’s Spring and Summer headquarters. We also set out a wooden crate with a cushion for Flo. This is where the barn cats will be whenever the sun is out and not too hot.

Otherwise, their hangouts are the shaded front porch, the shaded woodshed, inside the barn on the hay stacks. All good and approved barn cat places.

Neither will be in the house again until it’s time for their winter quarters, the basement, sometime in December or January. Sorry, mice, your days are about to get shorter.


  1. Hi, bedlam farm cats! this does look like such a good spot for them. I feel sure they chose it and you humans have decorated just for them

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