14 April

Radio Bulletin: “Katz On Dogs” Is Now “Katz And Wulf On Animals.” It’s Me and Maria, Co-Hosts.

by Jon Katz

(I want to apologize to the dozen or more people whose calls were inadvertently blocked during my radio show today. It was a tele-glitch which has been repaired. Please try again next week: 802 442-1010. We will get it right.)

Ideas have a habit of exploding in my brain, and talking to Maria today on my weekly radio show; it just hit me. We should be doing the show together.

We share a life of animals, we talk easily and openly with one another, and I have this strong belief that there should be an articulate, knowledgeable woman with strong feelings and rich knowledge about animals on the broadcast along with a man.

I see women surging everywhere and am proud to live with one of them. She shouldn’tt just be calling in. She should share the show and the billing.

Maria is a true animal whisperer, she has fascinating stories to tell.

We feel it’s important to share our experiences and ideas with others. We believe in open lives insofar as it is possible.

I believe in change. Maria has just as much to say as I do; I want it to be our show, not my show.

I proposed the idea to Lee and the station brass, and they loved it. I don’t tend to sit on these things for long, and Maria agreed to the idea this afternoon.

The new broadcast will air next Wednesday, April 21, at 2 p.m. EDT live on WBTNAM, streamable from anywhere in the world. Just click here.

I think this will draw animal lovers to the show, Maria has many followers on her own blog and we have journeyed through a life with animals together as long as we have known each other.

You can check out her amazing blog here.

Together, we have learned many lessons and experienced a lifetime of experiences, joys, disappointments, controversies, and evolutions.

We balance one another well.

Maria has read just about every book on animals in nature for the past decade, including treatises on snails, sheep,  beavers, barn cats, chickens, dogs, ponies, and whales. She has a lot to say about animals.

So we’ll do the show together and take calls together and take on people’s questions and issues together.

We’ve done numerous podcasts together and had a blast. Sometimes she’ll be in the studio with me; sometimes, she’ll be calling from the farm (on Belly Dancing Days.)

As always,  you can call in (we’ll have the lines fixed) at 802 442 1010, e-mail your questions to me or Maria – [email protected] or [email protected], or stream in next week live for free.

We’ll see how this format works. If it flies, we might go to two hours one day. With the two of us, all kinds of things are possible.

I enjoyed the show today very much.

Sorry about the lost calls.

I can feel the energy of the show lifting along with the audience.

We had a great discussion on what’s happening with vets right now during Covid-19; we followed Cynthia Daniello’s adventures with Edgar the Helldog, we discussed Lily’s grieving for her human man.

I can see we might need more time.

I hope to continue our discussions on dogs and other animals’ intelligence, the struggles of the veterinary world, the training of deaf and all dogs, the best way to get a dog, the best way to train a dog. Maria will add her own mix to the show.

I think this is a great leap forward for the broadcast; I can’t wait until next week.

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  1. Yes. Her insights are spot on relevant, she sees immediately what’s important, she does not ramble, no whining voice and she uses concrete unpretentious language with an instinct for beauty.

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