29 January

Two Eggs From The Imperious Hens. The Days Are Getting Longer

by Jon Katz

As the days begin to last longer, our Imperious Hens are beginning to lay some eggs. It’s hard for anyone who eats fresh chicken eggs to stomach the flavor of the eggs bought in supermarkets. Maria looks every afternoon and is very excited to find fresh eggs. Spring is creeping its way toward us.

These will be scrambled eggs for breakfast.



11 January

Photo Journal, Wednesday, January 11: A Brilliant Canadian Songwriter, Imperious Hens, A Glorious Sunrise. All For You

by Jon Katz

I’m excited about the Caffee Lena stream of a brilliant musician tomorrow night at 7 p.m. (I looked him up on Apple Music) from Toronto, He’s a huge and much deserved hit up there. His name is Julian Taylor.  I’ll be watching him on Caffe Lena TV for $5 – I am signing up for a subscription. Maria is at Belly Dancing tonight and I’m holing up before the fire with some popcorn and a book.

I am loving this great indy music.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to the doctor for an early appoinment. Feeling good and strong today, and full of life. More later.

I’m going to try to make a go of the upstairs bathroom. It would be a wise and important thing to do, if I can pull it off.


The Imperious Hens defy the cold.



When you take a picture of someone you like very much or love, it’s always good.

15 December

Poppies And Imperious Hens. Flower Therapy As The Snow Comes

by Jon Katz

A giant storm is scheduled to hit us this afternoon and last through Saturday.

To celebrate this news, I’ve gone deep into my flower photo archive to deal with snow, ice, drought, tornados, and wildfires.

Sure, climate change is just a hoax…Why didn’t I see it?

I’ll keep the flowers coming as long as I get these wonderful messages from people who want to see color and light in the dark days.

12 December

Onward! Could This Be The Last Photo Of Green Grass in 2022? The Imperious Hens Inspire…

by Jon Katz

I realized this morning, browsing through my photo archives, that this photo, taken over the weekend, could be the last photo of green grass I have taken for months.

It feels like the brutal winter is arriving this week – cold, snow, size, freezing ground.

I am grateful we got to bury Flo before the ground froze, which is happening now. The Imperious Hens, ever industrious, always catch my eye when they are marching in sync like that; they are always busy and never quit or give up.

I never paid much attention to chickens before, but these three are all about duty, perseverance, and entitlement. They inspire me.

Bedlam Farm