31 December 2009

Afternoon walk. Reflections on a year past

IMG_8158 - Version 2 Lenore walking with me, after some snow, dusk

December 31, 2009 – Today seems a good time to pause a bit and think about 2009. I have lots of ideas for 2010.

This was an important year for me. I dealt with a number of personal issues, including the aftermath of a divorce, a sad experience that shatter's ones life. I'm not sure that process ever ends, but I am moving forward.

I began a new relationship that, after a year, is strong and powerful, nourishing and supportive.

I am excited about my relationship with my daughter Emma, and the forthcoming publication of her baseball book in March. She is putting up her own website shortly. I am happy to see Maria's art turn into a fledgling business, and admire her artistry, courage and hard work. I would not like to really consider where I would be without her love and support. We have had a remarkable time together.

I've wrestled with a considerable amount of fear, and it's many attendant side effects, including sleeplessness, and am making considerable headway. I am sleeping most nights, and read to explore additional ideas about peacefulness, including meditation. I have come a good ways since my world turned dark and fearful a few years ago, and I realized I had serious issues to face and understand.

I am writing short stories, novels, children's books, taking photos. I am telling my story to the world. I hope to give something back by teaching story telling in workshops this year at LARAC in Glens Falls. LARAC has become an important

I was happy to have helped publish my friend the poet Mary Kellogg's second volume of poetry, "Whistling Woman," in conjunction with the Troy Bookmakers, which sells it online. It is already a success.

I am finding rich and very rewarding new friendships, and am excited about deepening them throughout the next year. I am learning about money, and the management of it, something I knew nothing about. I even bought a few shares in my first stock! Gulp.

My dogs are thriving. Frieda has entered our family, happily and safely. Izzy remains a loving intuitive creature with a gift for connecting with people. We have taken a hiatus from hospice, but I plan to resume this work this year. Rose had adjusted to a life without sheep, playing, running, ball-chasing and hanging out with the rest of us. With the October publication of "Rose In A Storm," she will have inspired all or part of four books. Lenore remains a volcano of love, lightening every space she inhabits. I am lucky in dogs.

I want to expand my notions of photography, studyiing black and white photos, portraits and new ways to capture light and emotion. I want to travel somewhat, especially to cities like Boston, New York and San Francisco. I am pleased to have revamped the blog and will continue that work.

I am struggling with notions of where to live, thinking of selling the farm, unsure about it. If I stay, I might get a few cows, to return animals to Bedlam Farm.

I have done a lot of work. I have a lot of work to do. I embrace this challenge and will pursue it as thoughtfully and relentlessly as I can. I seek to live a life of the mind, and a life of accomplishment, love and friendship.

Portraits of My Life. January 9, 2010

Teacup, Studio Barn

Teacup, Studio Barn

Stopped by the Image Loft in Manchester, Vt.  to sign and number the photos for the show – limited edition photographs for "Portraits Of My Life," my photo show at the Redux Gallery, in Dorset, Vt. on January 9. There will be a reception – open to the public, and free – from 3 to 6 p.m. The Image Lost does my photographic printing and framing, and their work is amazing – the photos look rich and sharp. Lot of work to do. Back to the Image Loft for more signing Monday and Tuesday, and then we hang the show in Dorset on Wednesday.

Maria and the poet Mary Kellogg will be there, and some friends. And me. And Izzy.

I'll be talking about photography, and the impact it has had on my life. And selling an eclectic mix of portraits from my life, including the dogs and some farmscapes and stinky trucks. It's a special way to kick off 2010 for me. It will hopefully be  a creative year.  I am working on a book of short stories. Will publish my first novel in 20 years, "Rose In A Storm." Have another photo show in August at LARAC (Glens Falls) where I will also be teaching two story-telling workshops, one in March, the other in April. And finishing my third children's book (two are done and scheduled for publication in 2011. This, I suppose, is why I need to learn how to meditate. Slow the mind down.

The photo show will be interesting. Trying to sell some of the photos as cheaply as possible, influenced in part by Maria's great and artistic success with her potholders.

Art shows have always seem a bit intense, even presumptuous, for me, but Christine Nemec's gallery is comfortable and very interesting, and we hope the reception will be the same. The photos will be up in the gallery for the month of January.

My muse

My muse

My muse

I have a muse, the head of a marble statue Jack Metzger from Jack's Outback sold me a few years ago. It sits by my computer, and helps me work. I love the sadness and softness in the face, especially when the morning light catches it. She's a good muse. I know nothing about her, not even where she came from, but she is both comforting and inspiring.

Sun sets on a year. Plans for the new one

Sunset, McEachron Road

Sunset, McEachron Road

December 31, 2010 – Back from Vermont. Stopped at the Image Loft (photos to come) in Manchester, Vt. to sign the rest of the prints for the photo show. Wow. They do great stuff there. Found a new sushi place.

Going to have an early dinner with Maria's mom. Lot of thoughts, plans, ideas about the New Year. I will share them later tonight and tomorrow. Maria and I have a lot of ideas about our work, and our creative lives, and about our wishes for the year. I'm excited, nervous, humbled, grateful.

30 December 2009

Izzy napping

Izzy at rest

Izzy at rest

My dogs are not allowed on the sofa. Are yours?

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