20 October 2010

Book tour: Izzy in the dark

Izzy in the dark

I loved walking with Izzy on cold and dark city streets. Homeless people love him, call out to him, talk to him. The incident in Columbus made me a bit wary, it's about trust. I never had to think about this before, and on a book tour, which is very difficult for any dog, you have to think about it. Izzy is grabbed and pulled all day. I trust Izzy and am also going to protect him.

I don't want to bring dogs on all my book tours. It distracts me, and can detract from the conversation. And the truth is, many well-meaning people think loving a dog is grabbing one or rubbing them roughly. Men in particular have a tendency to do this. People get too close to a dog's face not because they are cruel, but because they are loving. America is not a dog-friendly place in general. Few places to walk, lots of restrictions. Still, I love having him here. He is my right hand on a book tour.

He settles me down, watches me, and he sells a lot of books.