20 September 2011

Video of an idea: Monday At Battenkill: I’ll be on the phone

Monday At Battenkill; I'll be taking calls

Connie and Marilyn Brooks and I are bent on making some noise on behalf of independent bookstores, as well as on behalf of my book, "Going Home," out next Tuesday. Tomorrow,  I will put up a video of Marilyn reading an excerpt from "Going Home," the first time I've heard it read aloud, and it was affecting.

Although the book is about grieving, we intend to have fun promoting and talking about it, as I see the experience of having a dog or cat as joyous and worthy of celebration. I have this idea that Battenkill can sell 500 copies of "Going Home" before we are done, and we are already passing 400. It's getting very possible.

Monday, I will go to the bookstore to sign these books for people so we can get them out quickly. Never signed that many books in a day – it will be interesting, and today we came up with another idea. I'l be there to take some of the phone calls. I have to sign books and I can only take some of the calls but it will be great to talk to some of you who can't make it on the book tour. I believe in that. So I'll be at the bookstore – 518 677 2515 from 11 a.m. well into the afternoon or evening. We hope to get all of the pre-ordered books signed Monday and to the Post Office Tuesday (some Monday.) If you want the book quickly, I'd call before hand to order it. Monday could be wild.

Tomorrow morning I will put up the video of Marilyn reading from the book. Connie and Marilyn and I are having a great time making the point that independent bookstores need not fade away if people don't want them do. You can pre-order the book or the "Going Home" video anytime – 518 677 2525 [email protected] or call on Monday. Connie said it took her five hours to process today's orders. Gulp. Talk to you Monday. Come and see how the idea took shape. Izzy was there: