6 September 2015

Self-Portrait. Days Of Rest

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

After posting this self-portrait, I'm off with Maria to our favorite Vermont Inn, the place where we honeymooned, a special place for us. We'll be back Wednesday, I'm providing a rest for my head and for yours. The house and animals are in good hands, I am going to work hard at doing something I really don't know how to do, which is rest.

This is an important year for Maria and for me. We have a lot of important decisions to make about our lives. Change is definitely in the air. The ordeal of selling the first Bedlam Farm was exhausting, it took four years to sell and it took all of our resources and then some to keep it going and pay for it. Lots of lessons there.

The ramifications for us have been enormous and continuing. And draining as well. I will share this as it unfolds, not quite ready to do it yet. Plus there is a lot of work going on at the farm, in our heads, on our blogs, with books and photos and fiberart and classes. Well,  you know.

It is great to live a life fully, it is hard work too. I am ever so lucky to be up to my neck in life.

I've got some good books to read, and some good music to listen to, a wonderful person to share the time with. The farm and animals are in good hands. Be back Wednesday, my head is screaming at me to give it a break. So is my soul. So I will, and hopefully, give you a break also. Be back Wednesday. I asked Maria if she thought we would ever again take a week-long or two-week vacation. She said it was doubtful.

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Horses Can Make You Stronger (With Video)

Big Moment For Maria

Big Moment For Maria

A big moment for Maria, an affirmation of her strength, her growth, her courage and determination. Getting Chloe was hard for her to do, she never had a horse before, and riding a horse brought up a lot of old fears. She never wavered, something inside of her told her she had to do it.

A couple of weeks ago, a young friend asked to ride Chloe and the pony threw her, Maria had a tough time with it.

It seemed almost like a post-traumatic stress trigger, she became anxious about the pony, about her ability to ride her, about being thrown and injured. Day by day, she battled her way back. She asked Eli Anita-Norman, Chloe's former owner and a riding instructor, to come over Friday and they worked together.

Yesterday, at Eli's suggestion (she said Chloe looked fine, a bit out of shape but health) Maria went and bought a lunge line, she decided to begin giving Chloe a daily workout before riding her. This will keep Chloe in shape and get the two of them used to working with each other.

It worked beautifully, Maria stood in the center and Chloe walked and trotted in a circle, she got a good workout – this will be a daily thing, I believe – and Maria's confidence and strength surfaced, bubbled up, she got her helmet, got on Chloe and rode her around for a half an hour.

Everything changed, she said, the two were in sync, she was sure of herself. It was a wonderful thing to see, Maria is writing about it on her own blog, I took a short video of the lunging. I'm proud of her, as always, growing fond of the pony too. She is a solid and affectionate creature.

Maria is learning how strong she is, it was not something she was able to see. From the first, the story of her and Chloe has been a story of growth, change and strength.  It is a great pleasure to be able to see it and record it. That is really Maria's story, from the moment I meant her. She is tough and strong, she can take care of herself. I am learning why horses have such a powerful emotional impact on so many people. If you work at it, they will make you stronger.

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