8 February 2017

Show Your Soul: A Public Statement

Show Your Soul

Artists in cities have always put their art – posters, murals, graffiti – up on urban walls, but not so often in the country. Maria created soe "Show Your Soul" posters, inspired by a goddess in a quilt she recently sold. For me, the poster suggests that it is better to show our souls than to argue and hate.

I think it is a commentary about the divisiveness and anger that has infected our political system and divided us so badly. It is not political in the sense of being an argument or taking sides, it is political in the sense of being a statement that people will have to figure out for themselves. I think it is gift to others.

We went into town and walked five or six blocks along Main Street, Maria had her posters and her staple gun. Art like that gets people to think, because it makes no political statement or argument, rather it asks people to think and to show their true souls.

I was a lovely walk, and we'll go back to Main Street and some other places tomorrow to put up some posters. When Maria returns from India in a few weeks, she plans to offer some of these posters for sale. She has a lot of requests for them already, but can't get to it right now.

This is not something we have done before, all the more reason to like doing it.

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Out Stone Walls: The Property Line

The Property Line

I am happy to see two or three beautiful old stone walls in our woods, this wall is high – a pasture wall – and must have taken a huge amount of work. It is still standing, although there are gaps where hunters and other people have walked through. The stone walls mark our eastern property line, we have been walking there every day this week. I think we've walked every inch by now. Maria did this awhile ago, I'm catching. Red is not sure what he is supposed to do in the woods yet, there are no sheep.

Fate rockets around, leaping over trunks, streams, playing tag with Red, just exploring. I love the quiet of our woods.

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Into The Woods: The High Wall, The Outer Boundary

The High Wall

I went further into our woods this afternoon, and came to the outer boundary, a beautiful old stone wall, a high wall that tells us these woods were once a pasture, for cows or sheep. I followed our stream up a path and came to the wall, which is our property line.

We've moved the meditation bench to the stream, so we can hear the sound of the water rushing, I find it soothing and contemplative. I walked along the border line, our woods have been opened up to us by the Gulley Memorial Bridge (see below). I love being able to walk in my own woods, so does Maria.

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Video: Into The Woods

I took some video of me and the dogs crossing the Ed Gulley Memorial Bridge this afternoon, part of the new daily Peaceful Hour. The bridge is holding up well, the stream is high and fast right now, we also have to cross some wet marsh to get to the woods. Come along and see. I'll take more videos as we explore our woods.

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Lulu And Fanny At The Pond

Lulu And Fanny At The Pond, drinking cool fresh water. Often, they prefer it to the heated water tank we have near the barn.

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