5 May 2017

God Bless Librarians. Picking On Pigs, Nasty Notes, Red’s Hugs.

God Bless Librarians: Red In Connecticut

God Bless librarians. They care about people, they love books and read them, they even come to hear writers talk about their books. Red was, as usual, a smash, and I had a full house  at the Connecticut Library Association. Librarians love books and they have the best questions about them.

Red was much loved and petted, and he loved every second of it.

I talked for about 90 minutes and then rushed to the hotel for an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio. My book is still alive and kicking in its new life. I have temporarily overtaken Esther The Wonder Pig in some pet categories, and today, was number one in the Animal Behavior and Communication category on Amazon.

I have a ways to go to catch up with Sy Montgomery's very wonderful Soul Of An Octopus, a terrific book and am giving the Puppy Nanny a good run for her money. I also got my first vile  and disheartening review on Amazon, it seems there is one every year. For some reason, this one stung, it seemed especially dishonest to me, and hurtful. I am all too familiar with the poster, who hid behind a pseudonym, of course.

And I am sick of angry and broken people, which is not exactly empathetic. I normally have the hide of an elephant, I've been at this a long time, but I think the flood of lies and fake news is rubbing me raw.

And then I got in trouble over a best-selling pig.

This morning, I got a bunch of e-mails scolding me for getting competitive with Esther, once a little pig but now a huge pig with a devoted following. I was flip with the pig, fantasizing about her being served for brunch at the Round House Cafe. I do have a competitive streak.

"I am really disappointed in you," Katz, wrote one unhappy blog reader, "I know you like to poke at your fans on occasion and delight in their outrage if they hold different positions than you…but this? was totally beneath you…I'm not outraged, I'm just sad that in a time of political chaos, you would choose the side of pettiness and ugliness…I expect more from you, get to it."

Hmmm, I got a bunch of messages like that, and what I was thinking that being humorless is a lot worse than being ugly, and I should know.  I'm glad C was not outraged, that would have been disturbing.

Another reader reminded me mournfully that Esther The Wonder Pig is a creature of love, and should be revered. Okay, I wish her well, I still hope to kick her ass (?) on the Amazon book lists, she has been a best-seller for months, I want a shot at it. She's a big and hearty pig, she can handle it.

Lighten up, folks, when I stop laughing, I'll be dead. We do live in grumpy times.

All in all, a mixed bag on the book tour, fun, exciting, good and challenging.

You can order my book and I will sign and personalize it, and Connie Brooks will send you a classy tote-bag. She takes Paypal and major credit cards and she and her staff are unusually nice. You can also call the store at 518 677 2515.

We got back this morning, and Maria and I (we have much fun on book tours)  I are off to tell Connie at the Mansion that her portable air conditioner is on the way. It's her 79th birthday, and if you wish, you can write her c/o of the Mansion, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y.,12816.

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