13 November 2017

Voluntary Payments Page Is Working

Voluntary Payments Page

I wanted to let you know that the voluntary payments page is working, a software glitch shut it down for a few days.I like it better when it is working.

You have three inexpensive options for supporting the blog, your voluntary payments – which can be easily canceled at any time –  make the blog possible and support my writing, photography and animal care for the farm.

It is good to be paid for my work and if you find the blog useful, entertaining or meaningful, please consider this program, which has helped my photography and the blog grow. You can also donate via the  one-time donate button at the bottom of each post..

Check out the voluntary payments here, or the one-time donations in any amount here, and thanks. You make all of this possible, including my work with the Army Of Good. We accept Paypal and major credit cards and no financial information of any kind is stored on my site or servers.



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