18 April 2018

The Dao Of Kelly

The Dao Of Kelly

I think we all have our own spirit, our own story, some people call it an aura, some people call it the light. We went to have a hamburger at the Bog last night, it was eerily quiet. Kelly thought people were staying at home because the cold has gone on so long everyone is having to order extra cords of firewood or pay larger than expected heating oil bills.

We will use up our seven cords of firewood by the end of next week, in a normal winter we use five cords, and the temperatures are expected to stay cold at least through next week and possibly beyond.

IFor awhile, Kelly was standing alone behind the bar, and she seemed even more radiant than usual. She said her propane bill would be much higher than last year's. At the Bog, we feel close to the lives of ordinary working people. We are not rich by any means, but to us, another cord of firewood is not a life-changer.

To many people in rural areas, it is a great big deal, it's the difference between vacations or no vacations, going out for a beer or staying home, getting the extra cord of firewood (you pay a lot more at the end of winter) or toughing it out.

Kelly's grace and smile are a fixed point in a dizzying world. I am grateful for my portraits of her, she is one of those people who gives off the light. If I wait too long to put up a photo of Kelly, people get grumpy and send me letters of protest. I have no choice but to get over to the bog, have a scotch on the rocks and a hamburger. And take a portrait of Kelly.

It will never be too cold for that.

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