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24 February 2017

Week Two, Red’s Acupuncture


Red has his second acupuncture treatment today, Cassandra held him while Dr. Fariello injected about 20 needles. The treatment seems to relax Red, although he is almost always calm. We are working to keep him limber and help his arthritis and blood flow. We have two more treatments scheduled. My vet is open to holistic and alternative approaches, Red has benefited greatly from massage, laser treatment, and hopefully, acupuncture.

I sometimes chuckle at the rush to Chinese medicine for dogs, since they eat dogs there, but I also recognize Chinese healing is old and often extraordinarily effective. They have been doing it a long time.

For various reasons, my border collies have all died before their time, and I am working on a series of preventive medicine approaches to keep  him healthy, I'd like to have him around for a long time, and I'm working on that. I like the balance of science and alternative approaches that Dr Fariello offers at her clinic, the Cambridge Veterinary Clinic.

It's thoughtful and grounded, and so far, it seems to be working. Today, we put Red on a new diet for older dogs, a Purina blend that vets are liking called "Bright Mind." Fate is still on the Fromm  Food although, they no longer advertise on the blog. I like not having any advertisers on the blog, although people tell me I am crazy. But we know that.

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23 February 2017

Red As A Prayer

Red As A Prayer

The true contemplative is one who has discovered peace and leisure even in the middle of his or her work. He works with such a spirit of detachment and memory that even his work is a prayer. Thomas Merton wrote that, but sometimes, I see it and feel I am living it. Working with Red is a prayer, not a task. We are connected with one another, he knows my commands and intentions before I do, and our work together always feels like a prayer to me.

It is never work, it is the art of finding leisure and peace in the midst of work.

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21 February 2017

Portrait: Red Standing Watch

Red Standing Watch

I never tire of watching Red work, he is a model of purpose, professionalism and determination. The sheep respect him and obey him, and outside of the pasture, he is the most intuitive and compassionate of creatures.

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18 February 2017

Acupuncture: For Red, Preventative Care

Friday, Red began a series of acupuncture treatments at the Cambridge Valley Veterinary Service with Dr. Suzanne Fariello and Cassandra Conety assisting. Dr. Fariello is exploring what some people call alternative veterinary care but I consider well proven medicine – acupuncture is much older than Western medicine, and there is much science behind it.

Red is getting older and slowing down a bit, but he is healthy and active, and I wish to keep him that way. In the past year, since his lameness and back injury, I have embarked into what is a new world for me preventative care. Red has had laser treatments, massage, and now four weeks of acupuncture.

We are shifting more and more to intense and effective dog therapy work and I want to do everything possible to keep Red limber and healthy. Dr. Fariello talked to me about Red for a half an hour and then she inserted the needles. He was uncomfortable with one pin – this in a leg we didn't realize was sore, perhaps from arthritis, common to older border collies who have worked all of their lives.

Red is nine years old, not that old for a border collie, but we are switching him to senior food. I think I might start feeding Fate nuclear fuel, she never tires.

We'll do four sessions and then see where we are. Red seemed a bit tired when he came home, but otherwise normal. The goal is to keep him limber and keep his blood circulating freely. Dr. Fariello is new to acupunture, but her clients and their dogs are eager to find out more about it.

None of my previous border collies have made it to nine years, I want Red to go another nine. He gives comfort and pleasure to many people.

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14 February 2017

Red And Friends, At The Mansion Valentine’s Day Party

Made For Red

Valentine's Day was made for Red, he is everyone's sweetheart there. I am peripheral to this enterprise, the biggest role I play is driving Red. Connie and Christy sit up on the landing, they have too much medical equipment to drag down there, they are good friends and live next door to one another.

Christy is just out of the hospital. Gail, on the lower left, is an activity director at the Mansion, and Katie Perez, a great pal of Red's is the Mansion's Director, she is much loved and full of heart. The party was a whopping success, they will be opening and enjoying the things you sent them for days. More photos.

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