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19 July 2017

At The Mansion, Red And Jane. Tale Of Two Books

Red and Jane

Red makes his way through the Mansion by himself sometimes. Today, he stepped over the Mansion cat, Summer and went down the hallway and went into the Activity Room, where Jane was working on one of her drawings. He went over to her and bowed his head so she could reach him easily, he has figured out how to do that.

The scene was a tableau, for me, special. We got Jane an overbed table to roll over her wheelchair so she can draw without bending over.


Two books in the works, one certain, one tentative.  "Stories From The Mansion" (with a dozen of my photographs) is being assembled now and should be ready in a few weeks. I am also considering an ebook, a photo book called "Getting Gus," with photographs of Gus coming into our lives and some text. Mostly photos. More to come.

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16 July 2017

Battle Of The Red Chair: General Gus

Battle Of The Chair

The struggles between Fate and Gus now rage all over the  house, erupting at odd times. Chairman Gus, who routinely steals Fate's toys, has figured out how to hid under the dining room chairs, already pockmarked by years of use. Fate sticks her  head underneath to try and get to him, but Gus bobs and weaves and does the rope-a-dope, he lives to pull on Fate's whiskers.

Nobody has told Gus that he is the size of a small rabbit, so he thinks he's Chairman Mao. I might take to calling him Chairman Gus. I worried about whether he could handle himself against the wily Fate, I now worry about Fate.

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13 July 2017

Gus, Red, Dognapped By The Mansion Staff


I barely made it through the front door today when the Mansion staff came out of their offices and snatched both of my therapy dogs. Mandi and Morgan grabbed Gus and loved him to death on the stairs, and Monique grabbed Red, hugged and petted and brushed him.

They told me to go do something,  there was no way they were giving up the dogs, and I did, I visited some of the residents without any dog (somehow, they were not as thrilled to see me as they are when Red or Gus are with me) and then pried Red away, they took Gus upstairs and he disappeared.

I had to stand at the staircase and bellow before they gave up Gus. They do love dogs there, for sure. I got yelled at by the residents for not having Red with me. Sometimes, I do wish I was a dog, but barring that, I am so lucky to have dogs that people love. That is the point of them.

Next time, I'll just charge through the door and run down the hallway.

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11 July 2017

Video: Gus And Fate: The Battle For The Little Red Ball

I am surprised at how easy Gus and Fate are with one another now, at how gentle Fate is with Gus, and how comfortable he is challenging her, grabbing her collar, walking on her head while she sleeps. This is a true dog friendship, and it is both fascinating and fun to see it evolve. Today's back-and-forth battle over the little red ball was a classic.

It began with Fate walking back and forth in front of Gus, taunting him, challenging him. He took the bait, and rushed right up to Fate and snatched the ball right out of his mouth. After that, the gloves came off. Come and see. This seems to be very good for Fate, something she very much needed.

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6 July 2017

Working Dog: Chicken Staredown. Gus Wins.

Chicken Standoff

I am not fond of the chickens coming onto the porch, they eliminate up there and sometimes go after the food we leave out for the cats. Chickens are pushy, and sometimes dirty. Generally, I shoo them away, but that does not deter them. I was delighted this morning to see Gus hold them off, he stood on the edge of the porch, stared at them and barked when they tried to get closer.

This is a working dog. Small dogs might be cute, but they are dogs, and given the opportunity, I see they will work just like good dogs work. Gus, it seems might be a working dog.

The chickens pay no attention to the cats, or even to Fate when she's up there. But they paid attention to Gus. Life is strangely curious.

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