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27 March 2017

Red’s Acupuncture Treatments End, For Now

Acupuncture Treatments

Red his his fourth and last acupuncture treatment, at least for now. Dr. Suzanne Fariello of the Cambridge Veterinary Service and I are working together on a number of maintenance options designed to keep Red active and healthy as he gets older. I've lost a number of wonderful border collies before their time, and I am working hard to change that history for Red.

I am happy with the laser treatments, massage and acupuncture options I began after Red was stomped by our pony Chloe during a tiff the two of them had out in the pasture. Chloe was trying to chase Red away from the sheep, Red wasn't moving.

Sometimes Red is anxious during the treatments, but he always ends up quiet and relaxed. We are not looking for transformations in Red's behavior, if he were any calmer he'd have to be dead.

I want to keep  him where he is. The only change I've noticed during the treatments with Red is an enhanced intuitiveness during his therapy work, he seems to be ever more powerful at connecting with people and sending their needs.

A year ago, Red was limping badly and struggling to run, his arthritis was also worsening. Today, he is running fluidly and easily, he seems comfortable and he and I are even more connected. In a month, we'll return to one of these treatments and keep the maintenance going. I am wary of elaborate surgeries and expensive treatments for dogs, they are good for vets but I'm not always so sure they are good for dogs.

I think acupuncture is very good for dogs, as it is for people.

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25 March 2017

Red’s Stare

Red's Stare

I think Red's stare could stop a train. It has stopped many a sheep. During feeding time, it is Red's job to keep the sheep off of me and Maria as we carry hay, and also to keep them at their feeder, and not at the donkey and pony feeder, where trouble can erupt.

He grasps this task and takes it on with the greatest purpose. He cannot be bribed or distracted. He gets it done.

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24 March 2017

Red And My Life

Red And My Life

The great dogs do not disrupt our lives, they simply enter them and join our lives. Once, I went to the dentist and left Red home. They sent me back to get him. When they call to remind me of my appointment, they remind me to bring Red. He lays down outside of the examining room and waits for me.

His many girlfriends and admirers come to visit with him. Tiffany and Red are good friends, I am no stranger to dental work, thanks to my loving grandmother, who had a Mom and Mop store and saved me candy of all kinds.

Red, like any spirit dog, has entered my life for a purpose, he helped me to open up to new experience, he was my magical helper when we gave up the first Bedlam Farm and moved here, he has guided me into my work at the Mansion. He is a part of me now, and I am a part of him. We don't either of us make much fuss about it, it is just the way it is.

Red and I rarely cuddle, and I almost never touch him. Once a day, in the morning, he puts his head on my knee and we talk a bit. But he is always there, anywhere where I go. I am lucky to have another spirit dog. And in the dentist chair, when I get edgy, I turn around to see how he is. He is always watching me to see how I am. I suppose I am part of his therapy work.

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23 March 2017

Red Waiting At The Gulley Bridge, Not The Rainbow Bridge

Waiting at The Bridge

I love walking, I walk every day, even in cold weather. I admit I don't walk as quickly as I did, or as easily. Walking on rough or enough ground is reason for me to slow down and be careful. I just don't feel as certain as I once did, and I am careful not to fall, that would shut down my walking.

Red and I are psychically attached to one another, he doesn't need cuddling from me or much attention, he just needs to be with me, and that is fine, that is what I need also. Since my open heart surgery, I have noticed Red keeping a much closer eye on me, as in today when I came to cross the Gulley Memorial Bridge and Red had stopped and turned to wait for me.

He also senses when I need to stop and slow down, I have a heart condition called angina, once in awhile it is painful when I push too hard.

Red often does that this days, wait for me that is, my trek into the woods today involved walking on a lot of snow and ice, and I have to move slowly and sometimes, carefully, especially when walking over icy rocks or slopes. Red is always patient for me, and I love this image of him waiting over the other side of the bridge for me.

Many of the people reading this love the idea of Rainbow Bride, I respect their feelings but I do not want Red waiting for me on the other end of that bridge so we can hang out for all eternity. When he goes, I hope to finds another human to bring him to the work he loves, herding sheep and touching people's spirits.

I would hate to think of him romping with me for all eternity, we both have better things to do, at least I hope we do.

Still, I didn't miss the symbolism of Red at the bridge, we are both moving through life together, neither one of us has Fate's energy or drive. Red is grounding, he is always there with me, waiting for me, not always easy for a border collie to do. He is my spirit dog.

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22 March 2017

At The Mansion: Red And Peggy

Red And Peggy

Peggie always seems to know when Red is in the Mansion, we hear her voice down the hallway, "Red," and he runs over to her. Peggy has excellent tattoos and keeps her hair dyed red and her fingernails a deep blue. We hung a photo on one of her walls the other day, and I saw that her room was filled with jigsaw puzzles, from 250 to 1,000 pieces.

Just as Madeline is a whiz at crossword puzzles, Peggie has a gift for jigsaw puzzles. You can write Peggie if you wish c/o Peggie, The Mansion, 11 S. Union Avenue, Cambridge, N.Y., 12816.

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