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28 June 2016

Red Filter: Monochrome. Afternoon Sun In A Cloud

Red Filter - Monchrome

Red Filter – Monchrome

I took this shot with my monochrome camera, using the Zeiss 85 mm portrait lens. I was much excited to see the detail and contrast the red filter brought out, even though a storm cloud. It's getting dark her, a storm is approaching, so I can't really test the filter out until tomorrow. I have three different color filters, they arrived today from B & H Photo, and I have a lot to learn about each of them. More things to learn, how lucky I am.

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Afternoon Sun: New Red Filter

New Red Filter

New Red Filter

I got three new Tiffen filters in a kit – one Red, one Yellow, one Orange. I got them for the monochrome black and white camera, but I tried them out on the color digital first. I love this shot of the sun settling over a nearby hill as a storm approaches. I'll take a look at the monochrome next, same shot.

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24 June 2016

Challenging Liam: Red And Fate Team Up

Red And Fate Team Up

Red And Fate Team Up

I told Red to hold the sheep until Maria could safely get out of the way as she opened the pasture gate – charging sheep can be dangerous. Liam decided to get belligerent and refused to move and Red moved towards him. To my surprise, Fate joined in and the two advanced on the rebellious wether (neutered ram) and he stood his ground until they both got close, and then he bolted and ran into the barn. Haven't seen Fate do that before, but it was fun to watch.

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23 June 2016

Maintaining Red. Changing My History With Dogs

New treatments

New treatments. Cassandra and massage.

I've lost a number of dogs who died before their time. Orson was euthanized, Lenore and Rose died of neural problems that were never fully diagnosed. Red is nine, and showing some signs of aging. A few months ago, he began limping painfully after his herding work, X-rays found he was injured by our pony who stomped on his back, crushing several vertebrae. That would should fully heal.

Border collies work every day of their lives if they can, in all kinds of weather. Red is a hard and tireless worker, I'd like to change this history of losing border collies before their time. And there is good reason to think I can.

While examining Red at the Cambridge Veterinary Service, Dr. Fariello discovered advancing arthritis and some spinal inflammation. I am learning about a number of treatments for Red that did not exist when Rose suddenly fell ill and declined about five years ago. I go to the Cambridge Valley Vet, and Dr. Suzanne Fariello is open-mind and innovative.

Dr. Fariello great impressed me with her thoughtful, innovative yet assertive approach.

She came to the farm on her way to work, examined and X-rayed Red and talked to me at length about what my sense of him and his health was (male doctors do not ever do that in my experience, not with dogs or humans.) Dr. Fariello said it was important to see Red working, and also important to get a sense of me working with him. No one has ever done that before either.

Dr. Fariello prescribed pain-killers for several weeks, and anti-inflammatory medications. She recommended laser treatment, and then, massage and laser treatments alternating with one another. It is not especially expensive, the treatments are spread out. Red responded immediately both to the anti-inflammatory medication and the painkillers, we are not taking either any longer.

I think we are doing a good job of maintaining Red where he is. We cannot prevent aging or completely cure arthritis, but we can slow it down some and make it more manageable and prolong his working life in a considered and healthy way. Working dogs need to work, it is n healthy for them to stop completely.

We are in a good place now with Red, getting our laser treatments and our massages. He seems comfortable, energetic and fluid. There is sometimes stiffness when he gets up or has run a bit, but generally, the treatments have been successful beyond my expectations. I think we will change history, Red and I, we will continue to grow old together, another thing that bonds us to one another.

I hear a lot of squawking and complaining about vets, especially online. I don't support that. Vets do not make a ton of money, they work hard and usually love animals very much. I think they are the most reliable source of information and treatment available to me and to Red.

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13 June 2016

Red Watching Sheep

Red Watching Sheep

Red Watching Sheep

I love to watch Red watching sheep, he sits in a kind of crouch, standing up on his forelegs for the best possible view. He does not move, will not take a treat, be bribed or distracted in any way. He will hold his position for hours. In delightful contrast, his companion Fate, is never still, she runs in circles around the sheep for as long as she can stand, I call her off when her tongue is hanging off the ground.

The sheep no longer pay the slightest attention to, she is just part of the scenery. Red at work is a study in fidelity, concentration and focus.

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