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17 April 2018

Video: Live-In At The Mansion: Diane, Baby Sue, Red

A Love-In At The Mansion: Diane, Red And Sue

We stopped into the Mansion to see how Diane and her Baby Sue are doing after nearly a week together. The answer is that they were doing wonderfully. Red seemed eager to meet the baby, and Diane said she would love to have Red say hello, so I asked him to jump up on the bed, which he did, and then he curled up with the two of them for more than 10 minutes.

Diane, who loves Red almost as much as she loves her new baby, was overjoyed to be cuddling with them both at the same time. "I will always love you, too," she said, "you need to be loved too." This is true. Red needs to be loved and knows how to love.

Sue, a "realistic doll" created for older people with memory problems, has had a profound impact on Diane. She is not restless or angry or frustrated any longer, as she says herself in this revealing video, she wants to love and be loved, and the baby has given her a way to love and be loved.

I came into Diane's room after lunch, she was lying  in bed with the realistic baby doll in her arms. I brought her a comforter and a change of clothes, and she immediately swathed Sue in it. I told her I ordered a bassinet for her and it is coming in a day or so.

She seemed excited to hear it, she can hardly take her eyes off the baby.

This experience has been powerful and revealing, for me and for the staff and certainly for Diane. It has worked beyond our expectations, and it was precisely what Diane needed.I think the bassinet will also be helpful, Diane likes to leave the baby in a safe place when she leaves the room, and she doesn't quite trust the bed when Sue is alone.

This has been a profoundly satisfying experience, we really have transformed the reality of Diane's life, she was always so frustrated and anxious and restless. She has a purpose now, a mission, and most importantly something to care for. She can love and be needed at the same time.

Come and See.

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9 April 2018

Step Four. Diane Reassures Red That He Will Always Be Loved

Diane Reassures Red That He Will Still Be Loved

Diane seems to intuitively know what it means to be loved. She was hugging Sue, her new baby, and looked over at Red, who was sitting behind me on the floor, out of the way. He seemed to understand that this was not his work.

Hollyanne had to go back to work, I stayed with Diane and Red and Sue. It was very beautiful in that room, very quiet but peaceful.

Diane called him over to her – she loves Red and he always visits with her – hugged him in her right arm and her baby Sue on her left shoulder. Without letting go of Sue, she leaned forward. There was plenty of emotion in the room right then, but more was coming.

"I still love you," she told him, "you know that, don't you? I will always love you. You need to be loved, you will always be loved." She wanted to reassure Red that he would not be forgotten. Red is never one to forego a hug, he was happy to stay in that moment with Diane and her new  baby.

"You thought i wouldn't love you any more because I have a  baby now, didn't you?," she teased. Red wagged his tail, he knows when someone is speaking to him.

I was very happy with this day, a new experiment that worked, an new experiment that helped  brighten a life. Diane has so much love to give, and now she has a way to love something and care for something 24 hours a day. She said she was going to take a nap with Sue, and sleep next to her in her bed.

As we left, she yelled out to Red, "you will always be loved." I waved goodbye and closed the door.

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6 April 2018

Their Stories: Madeline Tells Of Life In A Bronx Orphanage After Her Father Was Murdered

Madeline Tells Of Her Life In An Orphanage, and of her life as an actor.

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5 April 2018

At The Mansion, Jean And Red Confer

Jean And Red

Jean is one of our regular stops at the Mansion.

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4 April 2018

Red In The Wind

Red In The Wind.

Red does not notice the wind any more than the sheep do, I appreciate the way he diligently keeps an eye on the flock, even from a distance, he doesn't need to get close to monitor them and control their movements. Red is almost totally blind in his right eye now, he can still see out of his left. Sometimes it confuses him, I think. But nothing keeps him from working with the sheep and keeping them where they are supposed to be, certainly not a windstorm.

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