13 November

Cash Mob: Battenkill Books, Monday, November 26. Take Back Our Holidays

by Jon Katz
Cash Mob

A chance to take back our holiday by supporting Main Street rather than Wall Street. Battenkill Books is scheduling a Virtual Cash Mob of her story on “Cyber Monday,” November 26. Participants – I am one along with other writers – are asking readers and fans to buy books from Battenkill Books, a part of the “Plaid Friday” movement sprouting up all over American in response to the rampaging greed that has stolen much of Christmas and is now snatching the rest of the holiday season with “Black Friday,” a gross commercialization of the very idea of Thanksgiving.

A “cash mob” is an offshoot of this admirable movement. The purpose of these “mobs” is to support local business and local community. If you don’t care to purchase all of your needs online or don’t want to adopt life-saving strategies to survive the pre-dawn mobs at malls on “Black Friday,” here is a chance to vote with your commercial choices. You can order any of my books or anybody’s books on Cyber Monday, November 26 by calling Battenkill Books, 518 677-2515 or or visiting the store’s website – www.battenkillbooks.com. I will sign and personalize any of my books and Connie takes Paypal and will ship them anywhere in the world. That includes my children’s books, “Going Home,” and “Dancing Dogs.”

You can support me, which is appreciated, a wonderful independent bookstore – Battenkill – and also help preserve the idea of community and individuality. I’ll be at Battenkill for part of the day to take your calls and say hello. I’ll post again before the date of the cash mob – all day Monday, November 26, and thanks.

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