13 December

Poem: If Men Destroy The World

by Jon Katz
If Men Destroy The World.

Last week, I went to see a shaman, and she leaned forward and asked me, in a soft voice. “What kind of man are you?”

And I heard myself saying this to her. I am a man who believes that men are destroying the world. And that only women can stop them, if they will. And, I said, I wish to be a different kind of man. For me, being masculine means offering love and support, not conflict and greed.

Men are making wars. Committing crimes. Committing acts of violence. Wrecking economies. Destroying work. Destroying the planet. Are ravenously greedy. Anger. Dominating.  Turning our lives into arguments and conflicts. Refusing to listen. Refusing to hear.

What will stop men from destroying the world?, she asked.

Women, I said. Only women can stop men from destroying the world.

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