6 February

Farm Moments: Lulu, Maria. Running Into One Another

by Jon Katz
Farm Moments
Farm Moments

A farm consists of chores, moments, images, all running into one another like a stream. I am privileged to try and capture some of these moments with my much loved Canon 5D, which rarely fails me and makes me look better than I am. Today, two strong-willed women of Bedlam Farm ran into each other by the side of the barn. Maria was bringing back a water bucket she had just emptied into the heated water trough in the barn. In the winter, the animals drink to quench thirst but also to keep warm. We fill it up several times a day. Lulu was heading the other way, towards the hay feeder I had just filled. The two of them met, and Maria, instinctively reached out to touch Lulu and Lulu stopped and put her head in Maria’s hand and the their eyes met. You can see the connection. One of those moments that make it so precious to live on a farm. In the back of my eye, I saw the shadow and moved to get it in the photo. I was aware from the beginning of the wonderful red backdrop for the photo.

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