21 July

Frieda’s Surprise Appearance

by Jon Katz
Frieda's Surprise Appearance
Frieda’s Surprise Appearance

I’ve been working with Frieda for nearly four years now and I decided this was a good day to come and have her own press conference. I trust Frieda, she is not an aggressive dog, she is a dog with a lot of prey drive and long history of work as a junkyard dog. She is excitable and protective. She was as calm as Lenore today, I brought her out and gave a talk about her life and my next book, “The Second Change Dog: A Love Story,” coming out in November. Frieda was curious, she scanned the crowd, lay down calmly with the leash dropped. I talked about her for 10 to 15 minutes, I’ll do it again in September l. Work with Frieda is good work, it is never done.

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