15 September

Life With An Artist. Sunflower Gallery

by Jon Katz
Sunflower Gallery
Sunflower Gallery

Artists do not think like normal people, they do not see the world in the same way, my wife is an artist and I think she sees the world as one big gallery, everything a display, montage, quilt of one kind or another. Windowsills and shelves are simply more space in the gallery. This week, the rain and wind has toppled almost all of our big sunflowers, they were almost all on the ground when we got back from California. I was preparing to collect them and throw them into the pasture so the donkeys and sheep could munch on the seeds, but when I came outside after a few minutes doing a chore inside, I saw that Maria had turned the fence into a Sunflower gallery, there they are, another gallery.

Life with an artist is different.

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