28 August

Help Name The New Bedlam Farm Resident

by Jon Katz
New Resident
New Resident

We seem to have a new resident at Bedlam Farm. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen this toad waiting for us in the morning when we come out, he sits on the slate tiles on the back porch – along with everybody else – and soaks up the sun. This morning, he fell into the water pot and got stuck there, Maria had to go and pull him out – she loves toads, of course – and she put him back in the rear garden, where he seems to be living.

I think he has great gravitas and presence, I could use some help in naming him. I was going to name him George, after my father and George Washington, but I thought perhaps we can do better. If you are so inclined you can offer a name on my Facebook page. I think he’ll do well here, I think he belongs here. He seems to have the sense of entitlement that Bedlam Farm animals come to have, and I saw Red hop right over him on the way into the house, he didn’t flinch. He’ll fit in.

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