22 September

Fate’s Moment This Morning

by Jon Katz
Fate's Moment
Fate’s Moment

Fate had a moment this morning, a big step forward. She walked the sheep out of the side pasture and up to the Pole Barn. Then she came in and faced the sheep down. She suddenly morphed into the classic border collie stance, her tail down, her rear legs up, her head down and ears up, it was a beautiful thing to see and the sheep, who had been pushing her around all morning, suddenly got the message.

This was a dog they would have to reckon with. She backed everyone into a corner and held them there. Our little girl is growing up, Chloe stepped right over her on her way out, nobody seemed to mind.It is a pleasure to see Fate’s amazing instincts and breeding emerge. How can I ever thank Dr. Karen Thompson for raising such great dogs, and letting me have two of them?

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