4 October

Portrait: Ed And Carol Gulley. Loved Etched In Lines.

by Jon Katz
Ed And Carol Gulley
Ed And Carol Gulley

Ed and Carol are very much a couple, partners in a life that has sometimes been very painful and difficult, always challenging and demanding. They love their life, they love one another, their children and grand-children, their extended families. They are side-by-side in every way.

Ed is a remarkable character, smart, funny, a born-story teller. I told Maria there are not too many people that can bullshit me right under the table, but Ed is one of them. I love taking photos of the faces of these two, they are so much in love with one another. Their love is etched in the lines of their faces.

Carol says she can’t imagine why Ed grew a beard, she doesn’t like it, she likes his face, which she insists is handsome. He says he will take the beard off in three years when he’s 65. Carol can’t wait. Ed will be at the Bedlam Open House Saturday and Sunday, selling his enchanting “Junk Art.”

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