16 March

Fate’s Freedom

by Jon Katz
Fate's Freedom
Fate’s Freedom

Our lives are more complex, our communities more crowded, our laws and regulations more numerous. our people more fearful, the lives of our dogs more constricted. More than 90 per cent of us live along one or the other coasts of the country, dogs have fewer places to roam, inside or out of the law.

I am grateful to live where I live, people still drive their dogs around with them, take them into nature, into the meadows and forests that surround us. It is a joy to give a dog the life they were meant to live, and I think Fate is freest and most in her element out in the meadow, where she can roam and hide and and chase and learn and inquire. I never quite know when and where she will emerge,but sometimes she obliges me and my camera by popping out near where we both are.

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