15 January

Dominick At The Round House. My Photos Are Free.

by Jon Katz
Dominick At The Round House

The Round House was closed for nearly two weeks,  forcing me to shop more thoughtfully and cook more creatively. Scott and Lisa needed a rest. I doubt they had one, they work all the time. This morning, The Round House returned to its Sunday Brunch schedule, Maria – who has a prodigious appetite for a scrawny person – had a Chocolate Brioche for breakfast. I had eggs and potatoes.

I went back into the kitchen to photograph Dominick, one of my favorite photo subjects. He was cooking in the kitchen this morning. The camera loves this young man, as it does Kelly at the Bog. I would love to do a portrait show called “People At Work.” I’d also love to do a portrait show of the people at the Mansion.

Unfortunately, photo shows are expensive, even done cheap they easily cost $1,000 or more. So I don’t think there will be more portrait shows in my future, unless I get some kind of windfall. I am lucky to have the blog. I remind you all that my photos are free, they are not copyright or bookmarked, you may use them in any way you please, and I thank you for it.

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