27 May

Pizza At Pompanuck

by Jon Katz
Pizza At Pompanuck

The Pompanuck Farm Institute donated pizza today for the RISSE refugee kids, the whole soccer team showed up today to come to Bedlam Farm, Pompanuck and Bejosh Farm. We ate under a beautiful tent in this gorgeous green and peaceful space. Robin, my granddaughter, was lovingly passed around to several of the kids, who loved her and played with her.

The day was was richer for me because of the presence of my daughter Emma and Robin. It seemed fitting that they were here and they both fit in beautifully and perfectly. A coming together, a re-invention of family. In a way, this is my family, Maria, Emma, Robin, of course, but also Scott and Ali and the animals and these very beautiful children, whose hearts are so pure even in the face of great suffering and hardship.

They will make great citizens of this country, and I will do everything in my power to welcome them here and help them.

This soccer team touches the hearts. They face great odds – bigger, richer, talker and more experienced teams. But they have great pride and esprit de corps, they inspire me.

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