6 December

Albany Odyssey Today. Winter Clothing, Mawulidi’s Carvings.

by Jon Katz
Albany Odyssey

It seems like  I’ll be going to Albany at least once a week for the foreseeable future, that is where I meet the refugees and immigrants coming to America, see Ali and the RISSE soccer team, and today, will see Mawulidi Diodone Majaliwa, give him the money for his carvings, and collect some more to sell.

I’m also bringing some clothes I picked up for the winter Refugee Clothing Drive, they need jackets, sweaters, snow pants, winter socks, scarves, gloves,  especially the children. Used clothes are welcome, as long as they are in good condition. You can send them to ISSE, 715 Morris Street, Albany, N.Y., 12208.

Most of the refugees came here hurriedly, they couldn’t bring much with them. They need everything, especially as the winter approaches.

Many people are liking swap.com, a consortium of thrift stores and also finding wonderful discarded winter clothes in their attics. I’ve got to get going, when I return it will be with some fresh carvings to sell. Maria is handling the sales, maria@fullmoonfiberart.com

There is a substantial waiting list, if you are interested, I’d get on it. Thanks.


  1. I followed Susan Poppers suggestion and went on Swap.com and bought mostly jackets, sweatshirts and hats in various kids sizes and Swap will ship them directly to RISSE. I also sent RISSE an email to let them know by what date the clothing should arrive.
    BTW, how old are Mawulidi’s 2 youngest children? (I’m thinking winter clothing specific.)

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