6 December

Brighter Days: Mawulidi Diodone Majaliwa And The Black Past

by Jon Katz

I was a reporter a good while and heard many amazing stories, but few of them like Mawulidi Diodone Majaliwa’s. It is an epic tale of survival, determination and courage. Congo, often called the “rape capitol of the world,” has been torn by vicious conflicts and civil war for decades, they call it the Black Past.

Mawulidi made it out of the Congo, his family perished except for him and his brother. His brother died in the refugee camp where Mawulidi and his wife were to spend the next 20 years of his life.

A carver by trade, Mawulidi lost all of his  carving tools on the way to America. He now has the tools he need, and has begun producing some remarkable art. I wanted to take a portrait that tried to capture his sweet, soft, demeanor and also his fierce determination to give rebirth to his art (see the posts below). I will it will be another great chapter in his remarkable life.


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