31 December

Lulu In The Cold

by Jon Katz
Lulu In The Cold

People often ask me how the donkeys do in the cold, and the answer is they usually do very well. Donkeys, like sheep, are desert and mountain animals, there is no shelter for the in the wild. They do not like to be confined and heated air is not good for their respiratory systems, it can make them sick.

We have a three-sided Pole Barn that is deep and wide, and when they are wet or uneasy, they always have shelter and dry ground. In cold weather like this, we give them grain every day and second cut hay to boost their energy.

Sheep and donkey’s are two of the hardiest animals, when the sun is out, they stand sideways and soak it up and store the warmth. They grow furrier coats and appreciate the heated water and carrots and treats they get. In weather this cold, they are not as cuddly or affectionate, they can be grumpy and impatient to eat.

When the weather is frigid, the moisture from their breathing freezes on their whiskers. That’s how we know it’s really cold. But they can handle it, donkeys have been living outdoors for all of their existence.

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