8 January

Portrait: Bliss McIntosh, The Mansion Geranium Garden

by Jon Katz

I am grateful to Bliss McIntosh for agreeing to help us create the new Mansion Geranium Garden, a pilot project of mine to bring certain safe and living things into the Mansion so the residents can nurture and care for them, and feel alive and connected.

Everywhere I look in town Bliss is there, helping out, organizing the Community Garden, helping the Hubbard Hall Arts Center, helping to build community wherever she can, she an angel in our town, the spirit of community and caring.

I am not gardener but I was mesmerized by her talk on raising Geraniums indoors at a place like the Mansion. She was clear and gentle and intuitive in  her talks about the care the garden would need. She and I both agreed to stay in touch and keep an eye on the garden, my plan is for the residents to each adopt a flower and help it to grow.

It was a great pleasure to work with Bliss and learn from her, and I thank her for helping me put this together, I am no gardener. I can kill a plant just by looking at it, but I think that is about to change.

Thanks so much for your support and interest in this project, I will follow it regularly.


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