12 January

The Dog Who Is Always Where She Is Not Supposed To Be

by Jon Katz
Satan’s Spawn

Fate (a/k/a) “Satan’s Spawn” has magical powers, she moves through walls, opens doors, slithers  under gates, pretends not to hear commands she doesn’t like. She is wicked smart and pops up in the oddest places, many of them where she is not supposed to be.

I call her “The Dog Who Is Always Where She Is Not Supposed To Be.”

Today, she popped up in the open doorway of the big barn stall area, I never saw her go in there, and have no idea how she got there. She is always peering around one corner or not, to see how far she can get,  how much trouble she is in.

Perhaps because she is Satan’s Spawn, she has the power to move through walls at will. Sometimes, there is no other explanation.


  1. how boring life would be without loveable, mischievous,
    Fate. devils dog with an angels heart.
    loving your posts about her.
    p.s what i love in the pics. about ‘ therapy dog ‘ Red is how Red leans his whole body into a person. into their touch. such a special heart and spirit in Red.

  2. I thought my dog Laika was Satan’s Spawn, truly. She does not walk through walls, but she is capable of lunging at strangers. She’s a 9 year old rescue, and I’ve raised her from 5 weeks of age. She looked like she was part bat, and the rescuer named her Yoda. It took two years for her to stop biting me (great bite inhibition) and now nothing can force us apart.

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