16 January

Victory (Almost): Second Place At The Bog Trivia Contest

by Jon Katz
Second Place

Maria and I took Second Place honors at the Bog Tuesday Trivia Contest (winner after a month gets a $25 gift certificate to the Bog.), we did well with geography and miscellaneous, were done in by sports trivia and 50’s and 60’s music.

The bar was mostly empty, driving was treacherous. We do not generally succumb to upstate New York weather, we would never go out if we did.

I am scheming to get my daughter Emma down here, she was a contestant on Jeopardy a few years ago, and would carry us to the top. As it was, Maria and I missed first place only by two points, and that, despite some wine and Scotch.

We are trying to get our friend Susan Popper to get up here, I have a hunch she has one of those vacuum-like minds also. If we could get Emma and Susan here, we would be unstoppable. I could just sit back and drink.

We had a good time, it was a nasty night, snow and ice storm left most of the tables and bar seats empty, we got to yak with Kelly and plot our Trivia answers.

This is the best we have done, the competition there is strong, only there were very few teams tonight because of the weather. There is no  better place to ride out a nasty storm than with Kelly at the bog.


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