17 January

Gus’s ME Journal: Back To The Pasture, Storm Dog

by Jon Katz
Return To The Pasture

Gus is entering his fourth day without any kind of food regurgitation or vomiting. His appetite is great, his energy level is frightening, and this morning, we brought him out to the pasture in the midst of an ongoing snow storm.

Since there was six inches of snow everywhere, there was nothing for him to scarf up and eat, and he had a blast, running back and forth between Maria, who was shoveling snow out of the sheep feeder, and Red, who was holding the sheep away from Maria while she worked.

I wrote yesterday about some surprising things my own research into Gus’s megaesophagus has been uncovering. His symptoms don’t comfortably match those associated with megaesophagus, Boston Terriers rarely get this disease, and his symptoms closely match those of gastrointestinal disorder, a condition in which dogs spit up a yellowish kind of bile, almost always in the morning.

Four days is not a long time to be sure of anything, but it is strengthening my idea that the diagnosis may not be as clear cut as I first thought. We have been giving Gus three does of Metoclopramide, a motility medication that moves food more quickly through the digestive tract.

Since we started this increased dosage four days ago, Gus has had no regurgitations or vomiting, in the morning or any other tide.

Gus had a blast tearing through the snow this morning, chasing after Fate and Red. He looks great. So we’ll see, if this keeps up for awhile I’m onto something, he might  well start kicking up his good again. It’s too soon. But today is good, and so were the last three  days.

That is by far the longest period of normalcy in the past five or six  weeks. In addition to the medication, we have also made dramatic changes in Gus’s diet, those changes may also be having an effect. We don’t really know yet, but my gut is telling me this is good.

Today’s Me journal is all good news, Gus is sleeping on Lenore’s couch in my studio, more to come.

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