13 February

Gus’s ME Journal: 1/13/18

by Jon Katz
Gus’s ME Journal

For a very small dog, the amount of liquids, fluids, bile and food that comes out of Gus in the course of his life can be astounding. Megaesophagus is a messy disease, it requires vigilance, patience, tolerance and lots of Nature’s Miracle and disinfectant.

We are  holding the line and then some.

For five days, no significant regurgitation or vomiting, the longest streak in month.

The new diet – three kinds of canned dog food plus some raw pumpkin and yoghurt is doing well, it seems to be passing through the esophagus. Gus’s weight is good, his energy is staggering, his spirits seem quite high.

He does spit up small amounts of fluid  occasionally, and I can see him swallowing some reflux through the day.

One side effect of the new diet is that Gus is urinating a lot. He doesn’t seem able to control his urinating outside in the latter part of the day or evening. He’ll go outside, urinate in a very long stream, then come inside and have a sudden accident.

We had a urine sample tested at the vet, and it was negative. It looked fine. The vet suggests he might be drinking a lot of water – we do heat the house with wood stoves, so we’re pulling the water up in the evenings.

We are pleased that the most serious symptoms of megaesophagus – the regurgitation and vomiting – are very much under control. His stool – healthy and appropriate – tells us that his food is passing through the esophagus and into the digestive system.

I mix up his special diet in the morning and feed him small meals throughout the day.

This is nothing but good news and we will keep at it. I suspect this will all be he norm for a good long while. I hope so.

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