13 June

Robin’s Declaration (Mark The Date): “I Is Artist.”

by Jon Katz
Robin’s Declaration

Robin has suddenly started to draw, Emma tells me, everywhere, and on anything. She is on vacation with Emma and Jay and her grandmother Paula on Cape Cod, and she turned to Emma tonight and said “I Is An Artist!” I’m heading online to get some creative art kids for kids for when she gets home.

(I found great stuff: A big box is already on its way.)

This is why the two of you love each other, Maria said, joking, but as I thought it over, I think she might be right. i do feel a creative spirit in her. When we see one another, we do have a connection.

This isn’t good for the walls or floors, Emma said in her wry way. It could be worse, I said, she could have said “I Is Writer!” Yes, Emma replied, it could be worse.

I think I’ll mark the date. Robin has just come out and revealed herself.

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