10 October

Writing Dog. 10 Days.

by Jon Katz
Settling In

Bud has been with us for 10 days now, and he is really beginning to settle into our farm and our lives. He is a dominant dog, full of prey drive, and he clearly did not get much to eat when he was a puppy, he grabs at food as if it is the last he will ever seen.

He is a most affectionate dog, he loves to be touched. I can see he was manhandled, when approached quickly, he freezes and drops to the ground, although that too, is diminishing.

He jumps in and out of cars now, he loves to come along for any ride. He is playing with Fate for hours each day, and the two of them are exhausted in the evening. When I am writing, he loves to come into my study where he sits quietly and keeps an eye on many.

You can also e-mail questions to me in advance: jon@bedlamfarm.com

Tomorrow, But and I may try some therapy work again. First, I have my new radio trial show at 11 a.m. at WBNAM1270. This is a test of our plans for a one-hour “Talking to Animals” show. If you wish, you can call me at 866 406 9286 and listen to me via live streaming.

If you call, remember there is a seven-second delay so please turn down your radio.


  1. I knew someone who owned an English bulldog and the dog was such a loud sleeper he was banished from the bedroom. The grunting and snorting kept the humans awake! I wonder if Bud is a loud sleeper. He’s smaller than a bulldog but has the same pushed-in face. I can picture you and Maria going onto the Amazon website to order earplugs. LOL!

  2. Hi! Jon
    Good luck for today.
    I live 10 miles from where Van Morrison was born. He is also my favourite. You have chosen well for your intro!
    I will try to stream your first broadcast but don’t know if my technical ability is up to it.
    Hope you have a great morning.
    Best wishes Pat 🐾🐾

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