10 January

Morning Path, For Sale, $125

by Jon Katz

Maria and  have decided to keep this photo up for sale for a while on her Etsy Shop.  It’s called fullmoonfiberart. The image is on sale for $125, it’s printed on the highest quality archival paper by The Image Loft in Manchester Center, Vermont. It is sold signed and unframed, the prints are 8.5 x 12.5. They can be printed in a larger format, that will cost more.

If you are interested in this photo, taken to the rear of the Bedlam Farm farmhouse,  you can purchase it directly off of the Etsy Shop, or if you prefer to pay by check, e-mail Maria – maria@fullmoonfiberart.com for further details. And thanks. It is great compliment to me to hang one of photos up in your home, and this is the lowest I could price this photo and not diminish it or lose money selling it.


  1. Hello Jon,
    As I emailed Maria, my photo arrived safe and sound in record time right after the New Year. I could not be more tickled pink with it! I re-purposed a frame I already had and it looks absolutely lovely. If I am ever able to take a photo of it in its frame and manage to email the photo to you (not my forte), I will do so. Maybe one of my friends or neighbors can help me. I am sourcing a brass plaque which will say “Morning Path” Bedlam Farm 2018 to place on the bottom center of the frame. Thanks again for all your beautiful work.

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