14 January

When The Cold Is Beautiful

by Jon Katz

It’s awfully cold right now, the cold gets into my bones. Tonight is my second acting class, I’m still looking for the right monologue for me to read. I’m trying to find Clarence Darrow’s exchange with William Jennings Bryan during the Scopes Monkey Trial.

But there is something beautiful about the cold also. It is so clear and blue and distinct. I’ll try to remember that, it’s going to be cold for awhile.


  1. Jon I picked up a copy of the ‘British Weekly’ and they have a column ‘Brits in LA’ – they come here for work – and ALL say they miss the cold. By here I mean Los Angeles, CA. It has been a BIT cold here and everyone loves it – maybe in the 40s – the cold brings out colors that you can’t see otherwise – it has been raining a bit here – not like Philadelphia or Cambridge – and you see colors that you didn’t notice before – especially plant life. Otherwise, everything is dusty and grimy from NO rain and NO COLD.

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