18 January

Breakfast At The Wooden Soldier, Fairhaven, Vt.

by Jon Katz

Maria and I went to Brandon, Vt. Friday morning, to the Vermont Knitting Mill to pick up her newest batch of yarn, this time all in beautiful colors, all dyed. She was dazzled and delighted. She will put them up for sale on her Etsy Shop sometime over the weekend, you can check on her blog for details.

On the way to Brandon, we stopped at one of our favorite places, the Wooden Soldiers Diner in Fairhaven, Vt. I’ve really never had a more delicious breakfast – an egg sandwich (english muffin), two strips of bacon, home fries.

The atmosphere in the Wooden Soldier is right out of Norman Rockwell. Policemen at one booth, young couple at another, old men gossiping at the counter. Patricia runs a classic diner as well as can be done.


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