25 March

Spring Sky. Mother Earth, Singing Her Song

by Jon Katz

If you live on a farm, you live in nature and you come to see it in a completely different way. In the past week, after the Vernal Equinox, there is a new kind of sky, a Spring Sky.

I have a passion now for taking Big Sky photographs. In my former life I sometimes went years without seeing a Big Sky, now it’s becoming a photographic trademark of mine,  something I cherish in my life and my art.

I think we are broken when we live out of nature and away from animals, for me, both have been healing and nourishing and uplifting.

The winter sky was beautiful and intense, sometimes angry.

The Spring sky is beautiful in a very different way, simple and blue and bright, fewer seething and teeming skies around storms. Soon, the pastures will turn green, we’ll be ordering hay and firewood for next winter.

I very much love the winter skies, and I just reveled in the spring sky today, as a photographer I am so sensitive to the light and Mother Earth was singing her song today. Sometimes I like to indulge myself, I think she is talking to me.

I don’t ever wish to live in a place with no Big Sky.


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